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Your business lawyer at a distance


“I am Serge van Nuijs, CEO of the Adjura Group since 1995.

I am a Business Lawyer, experienced since 1979, with a Belgian and Dutch Law degree..

Through companies in Belgium and Holland we offer advice, consultancy and assistance on various legal problems. We hope you enjoy your stay on our site.

Your inquiries and comments are welcome through e-mail or regular mail."

What is ADJURA?

Adjura was founded 1995 as an independent legal office, offering legal and management consultancy. We are specialized in all topics related to e-commerce, distant selling and mail order.  We also provide general legal consultancy, such as the review of contracts, protection of intellectual property rights et cetera.

Adjura provides services to multinational companies as well as to small companies and individuals. They all have in common that they offer their products and services at a distance to consumers, trough traditional mail order media (such as catalogs) or the new media, such as Internet and Web sales.

Adjura was member of the BDMA (Belgian Direct Marketing Association) in Brussels and also Business Partner at the Dutch Distant Selling Organization (Thuiswinkel.org) in Ede.

It might be reassuring to know our CEO is member of various Legal Committees. He was for many years President of both the Dutch and Belgian MOTA Legal Committee, and member of the Legal Committee of the Dutch Dialogue Marketing Association (DDMA) in Amsterdam. He was also for many years a valued member of the Legal Committee of The European Mail Order Trade Organization in Brussels and has been member of local ASA’s during numerous years. Before joining Adjura, he worked as legal counsel in the banking business and for almost 15 years in a large German mail order company, where he was responsible for Dutch, Belgian and French Legal Affairs, but also was involved in the Credit and Collections Department, Public Affairs and Human Resources. 

We also offer of course an extensive network of experts in various fields throughout Europe.

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How to contact us?

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