3/6/2019 11:15 PM

Your business lawyer at a distance


The art of selling

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Trade is an art… and selling at a distance likely even greater art.

You –as a professional company– are very well aware of that, of course. Good thing you are!

As far as Legal matters is concerned, we are familiar with what is allowed and what not in the different EU Member States. In spite of the global EU-Market, you cannot still do in one country what is common and authorized in another one. That is why it is important to be able to fall back on somebody that can guide you through those pitfalls in a precise and concise way: no long stories, but at your request a short and to-the-point memo, so you are able to balance risks.

Of course, your customer database is utmost important… but are you acting according local privacy legislation? Haven’t you forgotten anything?

A stunning promotion, likely to bring tons of new customers… But it is allowed in that country?

Excellent idea: let’s challenge new Markets in the EU! But am I allowed to distribute my Dutch catalogue in Belgium? And is that wise anyway?

All very precise questions, where we will answer you: in a short and precise way also. Because we know your company and its problems, even if we have never spoken to one another before.


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