11/7/2014 2:52 PM

Your business lawyer at a distance


At a distance?

We of course also offer our services and consultancy at a distance: in most cases, contact through telephone or e-mail is sufficient to help you out. No need for long meetings and no need for you to explain beforehand what you do and what your problems are. It is that aspect that renders our services inexpensive.

No need for a fulltime employed company lawyer with huge overhead costs. You just call us when needed. And our bill will make you smile only!

Adjura has office locations in Antwerpen (Belgium) and in The Hague (Netherlands).

For a route description to our office locations, click on the name of the location.

Mailingaddress:        Transvaalstraat 15  bus 1         Postbus 84040

                                  2600 BERCHEM                        2508 AA ‘s-Gravenhage


Visiting address:       Transvaalstraat 15                     Zuidlandstraat 10

                                  2600 BERCHEM                        4531 CG TERNEUZEN

Our address:

Telephone                 +32 (3) 457 5173                       +31 (70) 250 0455

Fax:                                                +31 (84) 882 4313

E-mail:                                        hostmaster@adjura.com

Your business lawyer at a distance, but always at hand