3/6/2019 11:15 PM

Your business lawyer at a distance


These topics are just some of the typical problems I have to deal with when selling at a distance. Can you also help me out with these, Adjura?

Tekstvak: Of course, you want maximum sales. Creative marketing pushes are a big help. But what is allowed?

Marketing & Sales Promotion

Tekstvak: How do I get a permit for granting credit? Can I charge whatever interest to my clients?

Consumer credit

Tekstvak: I need to send out emails to all of my prospects, at the latest tomorrow. But someone just told me I was no longer allowed to do so. What now?

Privacy & GDPR

Tekstvak: Such a shame: customers that don’t pay their bills! How to prevent it? And how to optimize my collection ratio’s? 
Tekstvak: Bad debts
Tekstvak: Optimizing your database …. Do you are aware what is allowed and what not? 
Tekstvak: Creditscoring

It is fun to make our customers happy with creative promotions… but again: what is allowed? Can I just offer a car in a prize drawing? And who can help me for drawing prizes?

Tekstvak: Lotteries and contests


Our phonenumbers:

+32 (3) 457 5173

+31 (70) 338 9020

Oh… those general conditions… it is so boring! Do I really need those?

Web and catalogue sales

Of course you know they speak three languages in Belgium. And Flemish is the same as Dutch, is it not? Or do I overlook something?

Clash of cultures